Small Self Care Things You Can Do Every Week

1) Have a mini declutter

Clear out a draw, get rid of an old clothing item or get rid of some expired makeup. If you do a small clear out every few days you will hopefully never feel overwhelmed by clutter.

2) Have a day off social media

Once a week or maybe more, take a day where you don’t look at social media. We need to remember that on social media most people only show the best parts of there lives and its easy to compare ourselves. Just taking a day away can make you feel so much better about yourself.

3) Make a small change to your diet

This could be to eat a piece of fruit or veg everyday or to drink more water. Try making small changes over time rather than multiple changes all at once. You’re more likely to stick to them that way.

4) Reach out to a friend

Its easy to get caught up in your own life, but don’t forget to check in with your friends especially if they don’t live close by. You never know what might be going on in peoples lives, you message could make their day.

5) Take time to just do nothing

We get so busy and caught up in life but putting some time aside each week to just do nothing or something just for yourself. I like to do this on a Sunday night so I feel refreshed for the week ahead.



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