What I’m Listening To Right Now

Today I’m sharing my current top five songs that I’m currently playing on repeat. I usually listen to music when I’m trying to relax or doing a task I would consider repetitive or mindless, like the washing up. Because of this I tend to listen to acoustic songs or artists that give me a calm vibe. If this is your thing you should definitely check out these songs and artists. I always listen to music on Spotify, (I pay for premium) I find that its really easy to use and they have all the artists and songs that I love.

I recently saw The Wombats live and its has reconfirmed my love for the band, my current favourite song is Emoticons. But my favourite album is The Modern Glitch and I would highly recommend giving it a listen. Bishop Briggs is a new artist to me and Dream is really the only song I have listened to so far but its really catchy. Silk by Wolf Alice is a song I have loved for ages, it popped back into my head a few days ago and I’ve been listening to it all the time since then.

I’m going to see Vance Joy live in a few weeks, I’ve never seen him live before but I’m really excited. He’s recently released a new album and I’m loving the whole thing but my current two favourite songs are Crashing Into You and Alone With Me. If you love acoustic music you need to give Vance Joy a listen.


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