Amazon Beauty Buys

Today I’m sharing the beauty products I buy from Amazon and why I love them. Some of these products you can’t buy on the high street and some I buy from Amazon just because I’m to lazy to go into town, my excuse is that the delivery is cheaper than driving and paying to park.



I first tried the Lucus PawPaw Ointment when a friend of mine gave me it as a gift after saying how much she loved it. If you have dry skin on any part of your body you need this, I suffer from really dry lips in winter, I put a little bit on my lips just before I go to bed and my lips stay moisturised all night and won’t feel dry all day. The texture of the product is quite thick and reminds me of a thicker version of Vaseline so might not be for everyone, but for me its a must have product and I always order in the batches of three to save money. If you only use a small amount every night the bottle lasts for a really long time so you definitely get value for money.

I brought the pack of 11 Tony Moly sheet masks on a bit of a whim, I was looking for some new face masks to try and the reviews looked promising. Every mask has a different purpose such as purifying, nutrition, skin smoothing and brightening. This is great if you’re like me and your skin is all over the place ( I blame hormones), it means I always have a mask in to target what ever skin problem I’m dealing with. These would also be great if you’re having a girls night where everyone has different skin types. The masks alway leave my skin feeling moisturised and I always notice improvements in my skin in the days after using it, I will definitely be purchasing these long into the future.


I first brought the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream on my last trip to the USA and it has quickly become my favourite night cream. The cream is a little heavy for my oily skin to handle in the day but at night I love it. Despite being quite a heavy cream it does feel surprisingly light. It leaves my skin feeling really restored overnight particularly with the cold weather, its been perfect for keeping my skin from getting any dry patches. Despite having oily skin I still get dry patches on my cheeks that I want to avoid as much as possible.

Okay to be completely honest the Indian Healing Clay is a really new product to my skincare collection, so I don’t have a full review yet. But I wanted to include it because so far I’ve enjoyed using it and my pores do look a bit smaller. The product also has a bit of a cult following and people tend to really love it so I have high hopes.


I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water pretty much since it was first launched. I mostly use it to take my eye make off with cotton pads, I have very sensitive eyes so I’ve tried so much out there but I’m always left with stinging red eyes, except with the Garnier Micellar water. Its so gentle and does a great job of removing my everyday eye makeup. If I’m wearing particularly heavy eye makeup I do use a separate oil based cleanser as well as the cleansing water but thats a pretty rare occurrence for me. I also love that you can now buy it in even bigger bottles.

I started using Bio-Oil a couple of months ago, I’m currently on a long term weightloss journey and due to my previous size I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, hips and breast. Now that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have no intention of returning to my previous size I would like to improve the look of my stretch marks so I started to use Bio-Oil. The improvement is slow but they are definitely fading and I’m hoping in a few more months ill be able to see a real difference.


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