My Favourite Everyday Foundation


I purchased the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint about 18 month ago, it was a massive impulse purchase so I hadn’t really done any research before hand, something I virtually always do if I’m looking to buy a high end makeup product. But I was on holiday and had money to spend so I popped it in my basket at Sephora. Well I’m happy to say my impulse purchase worked out perfectly because it really is my favourite everyday foundation.

The retail price is around £30. The foundation gives a light to medium coverage, it is buildable, but you won’t get a full coverage out of it. It has a pretty matte finish, which is great if you have oily skin like me and need to take a wide berth from anything dewy, or end up looking like a disco ball. It wears pretty well, I would say I can get a good 6 hours before I notice it fading. I have noticed however if I’m somewhere particularly warm and get a bit sweaty it does start to fade quite quickly. Luckily however I like in the UK where that is a very rare occurrence.

I have found the best way to apply this foundation is with a brush I recommend the Real Techniques buffing brush, it gives the best results as the foundations texture is actually quite thick. When using a sponge it takes quite a long time to get the coverage to be even, but does give a lighter finish if this is your preference.

The only real disadvantage I can find is the shade range, I wear the lightest shade Terre-Nueve. In the big range of skin tones out there I am definitely not the lightest shade, typically in most other foundations I wear about the third shade in. Its the same story with the dark shade not being that dark, so if you have very light or dark skin there isn’t going to be a shade for you.

However if you can find your shade and love a matte foundation in a medium coverage, this foundation will be your new best friend!


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